Domain Hosting

Hosting Explained

Hosting services pertain to which company is providing your email and web services. Once you have your domain registered with us, we can get your web and email services running.

What are the options?

The options are pretty well infinite but, to keep things simple, you will likely go down one of two routes:-

  • Using Celsio hosting systems for Web and Email

We will configure your domain to use our servers for both email and web. As part of this, we will provide you with full details on how to get yourself and your family/friends/co-workers up and running with their own dedicated email address. (We can get your email running on devices, computers and via a web page – easily and with full instructions).

  • By “pointing” your domain at the web and/or email services of another company

For those who are already using another service, need to as part of some sort of agreement or need something specific that we cannot provide; you may want to have your email and/or web service running elsewhere. None of this is a problem and we will happily speak directly to the service provider to get the details and do the legwork.

Can we split it?

Yes we can. You can have your email running externally with a third-party whilst we support your website, or vice-versa. Whatever’s required, we can deal with it.