Domain Registration

Getting a domain registered

The first step on your Internet journey is usually to register a domain. This is, relatively speaking, a straight-forward process. It’s worth mentioning though that ensuring the domain is registered correctly in the first place is key and (we find) not always done that way.

So, we offer two things:-

  • Domain registration at a price that is competitive with others in the market place, and
  • Registered right, first time.

Already Registered?

No problem. If you have a domain that’s already registered, we can take control of it for you and correct any errors or omissions with it if necessary. Pricing for registered domains is no different to new registrations and payment is only required on re-registration (ie – if you still have another 6 months to run – any payments will be for time beginning in 6 months).

So, what’s next?

Once your domain is registered, you will usually want to get email and websites running – for all of this, you can use our Hosting Services


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